There are many high school students applying to colleges, universities and trade schools nationwide.  Grades and standardized test scores are important but start to matter less when applying to the more selective schools.  You are up against thousands of applicants with the same academic credentials, so  HOW DO YOU STAND OUT FROM THE REST?  What you choose to do outside of the classroom matters, whether that’s play sports, work a part-time job, or volunteer your time in the community.

Volunteerism is a great way to show admissions officials that you not only care about the community, but are able to manage your time well enough to balance volunteerism with your other regular school and possibly work commitments.   A sustained commitment to a cause throughout your time in high school or a volunteer position that you have been able to maintain for a longer period of time will look impressive to admission officials.

Volunteering may lead you to meet people you would not  have otherwise met.  There is a lot of value in getting involved outside of your school. The more people you meet, especially while doing something worthwhile like volunteering, the more contacts you’ll have when you are ready to move on from high school and apply to colleges,internships, and even jobs after you graduate from a university.

As a means of thanking our volunteers for their service, KIDS THESE DAYS, INC., has established a scholarship fund.  Kids These Days, Inc. will offer a minimum of one (1) college or trade school scholarship each year of at least $500.  The number of scholarships and the final amount of each scholarship will be determined by available funds.  To qualify for the scholarship students must be an active member of Kids These Days, Inc. and have been accepted by a college, university or trade school.  All applicants must fill out the personal information page and complete a short essay.  We are very excited to be able to offer this reward to our wonderful volunteers.  For more information on the scholarship application process and the application form, please click on the links below. 

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Kids These Days Scholarship Application 2.docx

Kids These Days Scholarship Information:

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Kids These Days, Inc. is proud to award our first scholarship to Miss Karen Canas.  Karen has been a volunteer behind the scenes with KTD, Inc. since our beginnings over one year ago.  Karen has volunteered countless hours to our website and administrative jobs.  We are very pleased to provide Miss Canas with a scholarship as she works towards completing her degree at Hood College.  Congratulations Karen!